Startup Receives One Star Glassdoor Rating For Not Having PlayStation 4 Pro In Break Room

Palo Alto, CA – Despite providing employees with free lunches, private yoga lessons, and reasonably priced health benefits, tech startup Miyogee still received a blistering one-star Glassdoor review whose biggest complaint was the office’s lack of a Sony Playstation 4 Pro, instead only having the base-model Playstation 4.  The review blasted Miyogee for “creating a third-world work environment that doesn’t provide employees with proper 4K scaling and expects people to just play games at 30 FPS like a bunch of savages.”

Miyogee’s V.P. of People Operations, Shannon Hogan, pushed back and defended the company’s policies, expressing deep concern about the ramifications the negative review would have on hiring new employees in the competitive tech sector.

“We have an Xbox One Elite, two Alienware gaming PCs, a Nintendo Switch, and every classic console dating back to the original Atari 2600,” said Hogan. “I’ve already sent an H.R. coordinator to buy every PS4 Pro she can find at Best Buy and give them away to every employee here.

“If whoever wrote that Glassdoor review is reading this, please, for the love of god, take it down and let people know that we reimburse gym memberships and airport parking.”

Hogan promptly fired off a company-wide email offering a week of PTO to anyone who submitted a glowing Glassdoor review on behalf of the company.

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