CEO Donates Copy Of ‘Kama Sutra’ To Office Book Club

Philadelphia, PA – Calling it “one of the most insightful business books ever written,” Plaxio CEO Jack Hostetler contributed his 20-year-old copy of the Kama Sutra to the office’s book club and is extremely hopeful that his employees circulate it amongst themselves. While he is aware that the book is known worldwide for its graphic sex tutorials, Hostetler insists that he applies the Kama Sutra‘s lessons to work decisions on a daily basis.

“The business world and the Kama Sutra both share the same goals: finding, courting, and pleasing your partner,” Hostetler commented. “And just like in the bedroom, that doesn’t happen just by pounding away at the client until their head is in the wall.”

Despite V.P. of Human Resources Saundra Saxon’s repeated pleas for Hostetler to stop talking, he pressed on.

“But just like how the business world can get nasty, so does the Kama Sutra. The book’s lessons on when a man is allowed to seduce a married woman helped me understand how to steal our competitor’s clients, as well as how to have sex with their CEO’s wife.”

Saxon, who manages the book club, ranked the Kama Sutra as the second-worst book she has received, just ahead of Hostetler’s previous donation, Fifty Shades of Grey.

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