Coworker’s Google Calendar Fully Booked Up To Watch YouTube Videos

Columbus, OH – Fully engrossed in his fifth consecutive hour watching 9/11 conspiracy videos, junior developer Omar McDonald has made himself unavailable for any meetings, syncs and general interaction with his coworkers by filling up his entire Google calendar with his own timeblocks that seem to be spent entirely watching Youtube. McDonald’s events include time for ideation, relaxation, mood correction, and freethink, which mainly seems to be spent watching League of Legends matches.

While his coworkers have grown frustrated with McDonald’s unavailability and overall lack of contribution, he remains adamant that his eight hours of Youtube video viewing is critical to his own personal success.

“Sometimes, the only way I can really get my mind ready to solve complex problems is to watch a Youtuber explain the proper way to rebuild a 1992 Mazda RX-7 rotary engine,” explained McDonald while ignoring multiple Slack notifications. “And then after that the mind is so swollen and ready to learn that it would be a waste to spend my time just doing work, so then I have to watch a 10-minute highlight reel of Kramer busting into Jerry’s living room to maximize my own mental acuity.

“Also, did you know that you can actually buy a replica scale model of Jerry’s apartment? There’s a really good unboxing video I watched last week while our site was down.”

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