Man Deems Workday Successful After Tossing Balled Up Paper Into Trash On First Try

Cleveland, OH – Punctuating his shot with an enthusiastic fist pump, Travis Kendall informed coworkers that his day was complete after he drained a crumpled Excel printout into the waste basket on the far side of the office. The successful shot marks Kendall’s fourth made basket in his four years of employment, and he considers them all tied for his best day on the job.

Calling it a “little victory” that helps make his day job bearable, Kendall found himself musing on the very nature of what constitutes a win while at work.

“People confuse productivity or finishing projects with wins,” explained Kendall. “But to me, that’s just what you’re supposed to do. Real wins come from juggling Keurig cups in the kitchen, or jumping high enough to touch the ceiling lights in the conference room.”

“Oh, and I can’t forget anytime the CEO is on vacation and his parking spot is up for grabs. That’s better than a pay raise.”

Some of Kendall’s other non-jumpshot related victories include any time there’s a free lunch, whenever the front desk plays Blues Traveler on Fridays, and the time he wasn’t fired for sexual harassment.

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