Coworkers Angrily Debate Who Watched Less Of Oscars Broadcast

Fayetteville, N.C. – As onlookers watched what they described as “a scene straight out of If Beale Street Could Talk“, fellow account executives Devin Browner and Cesar Vaughn exchanged pointed barbs accusing the other of spending more time watching the 2019 Oscars broadcast. Browner boldly declared that he would rather “listen to Bryan Singer’s Bohemian Rhapsody director’s commentary” than watch the show, while Vaughn retorted that he was too busy “not watching Hollywood throw a giant suckfest for itself” to even know who Browner was referring to.

“Unlike you, I don’t need a bunch of Hollywood elites handing out trophies to know that Roma is a great film telling a gritty, yet tragic, story that has enriched our lives,” remarked Vaughn. “You’re exactly the person that they expect to tune in to see if Black Panther won Best Picture.”

“Don’t act so high-and-mighty,” responded Browner. “I heard you saying last week that you were intrigued to see if the Oscars could pull off its trademark witty banter without a dedicated host.”

The two men had to be restrained after Browner escalated his attacks by telling everyone that Vaughn found James Franco and Anne Hathaway’s widely panned Oscars hosting duties “delightfully entertaining” and “a breath of fresh air.”

Sources report that despite the incredibly personal attacks lobbed against each other, Browner and Vaughn both agreed that Bradley Cooper was totally robbed after not winning Best Actor for his performance in A Star Is Born.

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