Office Party Lets Spouses Finally Put Face To Everyone Their Significant Other Hates

Sacramento, CA – After spending countless nights listening to their partners bitch and moan about their coworkers, Metromodo employees’ boyfriends, girlfriends, and spouses are excited to actually meet the people that spend every waking moment at work consistently trying to undermine and actively sabotage their professional careers.

“There was no way I would miss this and deprive myself of the opportunity to finally put a face to the man who demanded that my wife attend a conference call on our honeymoon,” said Emmanuel Lopez, husband to Jamie Lopez, senior engineer. “I don’t think he’ll be hard to spot since I’m almost positive that he has lizard scales and cloven hoofs for feet.”

Similar expectations were shared by Susan Erickson, who’s dating Mike Taylor, V.P. of Human Resources.

“Mike has told me so much confidential information about his coworkers,” Erickson told sources. “I’m not sure if I’m more excited to meet the guy who demanded to be paid in euros because he fears the dollar is no longer backed by gold, or the woman that shaves her legs at her desk.”

However, some employees aren’t nearly as enthused about their spouses attending the party, mainly the ones that are all sleeping with each other.

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