Dungeons & Dragons Aficionado Requires All Coworkers To Role Play As Fictional Characters During Meetings

Does Moines, IA – In an effort to liven up weekly sales meetings, senior revenue analyst and noted Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast Sarah Guthrie has required colleagues to take on fantasy roles ranging from noble paladins to brutish orcs in order to slay the evil dragon, Tiamat. The dragon’s hoarded gold stash represents their annual revenue goal, which the team has a year to acquire through quests involving magic, thievery, sword fights, and fully fulfilling client budgets for their marketing campaigns. The meetings, which historically have been routinely boring occurrences as coworkers listen to Guthrie read off an Excel sheet, have instead become lively affairs with everyone, from the CEO to the sales coordinator, fully committing to their assigned role.

“At first I did it because everyone stared at their phones and ignored everything I said,” explained Guthrie. “So one night after work I decided to turn the meeting into a Dungeons & Dragons campaign just to give myself a reason to stay conscious instead of just pointing at the projector and telling everyone to read for themselves.

“Turns out, everyone else in the meeting is also more than happy to pretend to be anywhere else but the office.”

The team has been assigned classes based on their roles:

  • Seth Elliot, CEO – Orc barbarian that learned basic English only through gladiator combat and can only communicate during sessions by grunting and pointing
  • Janice Rose, Sales Director – Human paladin that owes her life to Elliot’s orc barbarian and has sworn total loyalty
  • Jason Gonzalez, Account Executive – Undead necromancer whose fel powers are commission-based contingent on how many dukes hire his skeleton army
  • Keri O’Donnell, Sales Coordinator – Human priest of the goddess Pervortia, whose religion insists that she have sex as often and as creatively as possible

The group has plans to schedule a follow-up meeting this Saturday at Elliot’s house so they can see whether Elliot’s barbarian survives his encounter with Loki, god of mischief, who is currently causing their client’s campaign to not perform well on mobile devices.

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