Los Angeles Office Workers Sympathetic To Polar Vortex Ravaging Midwest America

Los Angeles, CA – Considering their plight a pain they know all too well, employees at Silicon Beach companies that have their thermostat set to lower than 70 degrees related to the frigid, arctic conditions that Midwest America has struggled to overcome. Tech workers in Southern California compare the adverse weather conditions that cities like Chicago are suffering through to the same horrors they face each day as their office fails to keep the heat high enough for them to wear board shorts in February.

Senior product manager and Santa Monica resident Fred Manughian expressed his deepest sympathies for Midwest residents, though he did offer some of his own tips on how to best ensure survival.

“The first thing that they’re going to want to do is stop wearing flip flops, even if they’re Havaianas, because one of my coworkers lost a toe last winter when the office heat was set at a freezing 66 degrees,” warned Manughian. “My coworkers and I will also wear our arctic winter gear for when we go on our annual snowboarding trip the entire day, including facemasks and goggles.

“Also, I cannot stress this enough: put the top back on your Jeep Wrangler, even if it’s just a soft-top. There’s no point in cruising your version of the PCH in a v-neck if you’re going to die of pneumonia.”

Besides lifestyle recommendations, others are taking a more hands-on approach to provide relief to the Midwest. Leaders in the Los Angeles tech industry are excited to leverage their experience dealing with extreme weather to help Polar Vortex victims by sending them care packages containing Patagonia jackets and detox tea.

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