Coworker’s Favorite Game Is Playing Devil’s Advocate

Boston, MA – After coworkers were discussing what they enjoy doing for fun, product manager Jessica Shelton responded that she loves playing devil’s advocate, which lets her tear down her peer’s ideas while putting on a facade that she’s simply offering a previously unconsidered perspective. Shelton has never lost playing devil’s advocate, instead making other employees look like they’ve overlooked some key detail, no matter how small, insignificant, or absurd.

When senior analyst Lloyd Foreman informed the sales team that they are pacing 3% above their annual revenue goal, Shelton, playing devil’s advocate, questioned whether Foreman had accidentally based his projection assuming that 2019 was a leap year and accidentally crediting the team an extra day of revenue. Foreman’s manager now requires him to include a cell in all his reports stating how many days there are in the year.

Foreman, for his part, has learned to take Shelton’s incredibly obtuse counterpointing in stride.

“Yeah, Jessica is definitely known for playing devil’s advocate for pretty much anything, and it was helpful at first,” Foreman responded when asked for comment. “But after she questioned whether I was the actual father to my child or if an unknown evil twin had seduced and impregnated my wife, I realized that this is all just a game to her.”

In addition to playing devil’s advocate, Shelton also enjoys mind games, faking her death to get attention, and Super Smash Brothers Melee.

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