Job Applicant Brought In For 15th Round Of Interviews

Chicago, IL – Recruiters at software developer Prezzy reached out to Nancy Fleming to inform her that the team had enjoyed meeting with her for 14 interviews, but were hoping that she could come in for a 15th time to make sure she was a “culture fit”. Fleming, who is applying for an entry-level marketing coordinator position, has met with her would-be manager, the rest of the team she would support, the entire HR department, the founder of Prezzy, the Chicago Bulls physical training staff, and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel to discuss how she would handle shipping free water bottles to customers in the continental United States.

The 60+ hours of interviews have covered a variety of topics ranging from the relevant to the inane. Fleming spent her last interview rank-ordering her favorite Marvel movies and explaining how she would get out of a blender if she were the size of an ant. Despite the lack of clarity and multiple tanks of gas, Fleming has no doubt that she will go to as many interviews as she has to.

“Of course I think the sheer number of interviews is ridiculous, but this is the only job interview I’ve had since I graduated,” Fleming told her parents. “I already calculated how many kickballs could fit in an empty 747 to show how I ‘approach new challenges’, as well as swam Lake Michigan so they could evaluate my ‘ability to perform under pressure’. As a recent college graduate with a Humanities degree and no work experience, I’ll do whatever they ask.

“Except a typing test. That’s just built for people to fail.”

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