Entire Meeting Spent Denouncing PowerPoint Deck’s Inconsistent Bullet Point Format

San Antonio, TX – Meeting attendees voiced their displeasure during account manager Judy Armstead’s PowerPoint presentation after suffering through wildly different bullet point formats instead of paying any attention to her realistic suggestions to grow their client base. Coworkers noted that Armstead failed to use her time properly before the presentation by focusing strictly on creating a strong, executable business plan to expand the business instead of concentrating on removing nitpicky formatting inconsistencies that other meeting attendees would point out and over-emphasize to make themselves look smart.

Jesse Griswold, a senior account executive that has refused to take on any additional workload for the past two years, accused Armstead of tampering with forces outside of nature by failing to create a a consistent, unified format.

“It’s like you’re literally stabbing me in the eyes by refusing to retain any sort of uniform consistency within your presentation,” complained Griswold. “The human mind isn’t meant to comprehend unordered and ordered lists on the same slide, it’s like peering into the void of insanity.

“Also, almost all of your suggestions would require more work from me when negotiating with the client, and that’s not how I’m planning on spending my year.”

While Armstead tried to refocus the meeting on her ideas that would almost assuredly double annual revenue, CEO Dave Redford could only focus on her erratic punctuation, wondering out loud why some bullet points had a period at the end and others did not.

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