HR Department Honors MLK Day By Handing Out Complimentary DVDs Of “Selma”

Atlanta, GA – Instead of getting Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off in order to reflect on and celebrate his achievements, employees at Plaxo were given Redbox copies of the 2014 MLK biopic “Selma” with a note saying that they would be responsible for any late day fees. An HR email stated that the DVD is meant to “promote awareness and recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., provided it is watched outside of company hours.”

The giveaway came just a few hours after Plaxo CEO Austin Reis sent out what he referred to as his first annual “I Have A Dreamail”, where he envisions of a world where “men aren’t judged by the color of their skin but by their willingness to work unpaid overtime and the occasional federal holiday without complaint.”

Eileen Meyer, V.P. of Digital Marketing, found the HR gesture trivial and patronizing and that it sorely under-delivered compared to having MLK Day off last year.

“It was an insensitive email that belittles the work of a great man, and this “Selma” giveaway doesn’t make up for it,” Meyer told coworkers. “Not to mention that the only way I’m watching “Selma” is if I’m in high school and the substitute teacher put it on.

“I believe in honoring Dr. King the same way millions of Americans do: by sleeping in late and then barbecuing some ribs.”

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