Insubordinate Employee Refuses To Take Blame For Manager’s Mistake

Dover, NH – Tempers flared and disciplinary actions were taken after marketing coordinator Shannon Marsh couldn’t complete the task Leo Doyle, Marsh’s manager, assigned to her: taking the fall for an erroneous email he sent to all of the company’s clients. The email, which was supposed to simply wish them a happy new year, instead contained a completely irrelevant conversation between Marsh and members of his ska band, The Babymouse Flappers, who argued that he should stop wearing fedoras at their concerts.

According to Doyle, this isn’t the first time that Marsh has proven to be a disruptive member of the team, citing instances where she refused to cover for him when he left work a few days early, declined to pick up his dry-cleaning even though she has two perfectly good legs, and even getting offended when he asked her to provide an alibi to police officers of where Doyle was on the night of November 24th, 2018.

Because of these multiple issues, Doyle drilled Marsh about her suboptimal performance in their weekly touch base meeting, which is typically used by Doyle to solicit her feedback on his garage band’s latest song. According to Doyle, the feedback has been “unhelpful, almost as if she doesn’t even care.”

“There are certain things that every employee is solely in control of, and that includes effort in the office and willingness to take on challenges that are outside of the job description,” Doyle told Marsh. “And after you chose not to pretend to be my fiancee when my parents came to visit, it unfortunately became perfectly clear that you’re only here to do the bare minimum.”

Despite the performance warning, Doyle told Marsh that she could still turn things around and have a long, fruitful career if she gave him 20 bucks for lunch.

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