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Job Description For Budget Analyst Position States That Candidate Must Be “Rock Star” For Unknown Reasons


Dover, DE – Job applicants for a budget analyst position at Multizu found themselves confused when they saw that the role was looking for “rock star” candidates, a nebulous description that provided no insight into what actual skillset the role required.  Applicants were unsure if this was some sort of metaphorical description for a candidate that would be willing to work hard and travel, or if they would be expected to front some sort of musical act when presenting their findings to the executive team.  

Traditionally, analyst roles are typically focused on building quality reports and providing succinct analysis to a larger group, but as more companies start to add more and more purposeless requirements to their job descriptions, it has forced candidates to reassess their skillsets to address these needs.

“I’ve seen job postings that want someone who’s a ‘rock star’, ‘big-thinker’, ‘problem-solver’, ‘bunker-buster’, and ‘shapeshifter’,” recalled senior analyst Dana Mendelsohn, who admitted to being overwhelmed by all of the buzzwords.  “Oh, and ‘the next George Washington Carver’, which seemed really out of place since it was for a ride-share app.”

When asked to comment about the lack of clarity in Multizu’s job listings, Vice President of People Operations Ronald Phelps could only provide more vague, non-descriptive personality traits.

“When Multizu says that the ideal candidate is a  ‘rock star’, we’re stating that we want someone hungry, cool under pressure, and not afraid to shake things up,” stated Phelps.  “At the same time, this candidate will know when to take a step back, put their nose to the grindstone, and just get the job done.

“Oh, and they should have five years of Excel experience, preferably another one to two years of SQL experience.  Do you think they need that in the job description?”  

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