“I Was Just About To Say That,” Boss Futilely Remarks After Employee Makes Insightful Comment During Meeting

Montclair, NJ – Ben Clark, director of analytics, sat horrified during the weekly product roadmap discussion when his subordinate, Evan Rios, made a cogent point that was respected by all of the other meeting attendees.  Afraid that his coworkers would start scoring Rios higher than Clark on some sort of imaginary hierarchy chart in their minds, Clark immediately chimed in that he also came up with the same solution, he just hadn’t said it because he wanted to see if Rios “had developed the business acumen to reach it on his own.” 

Clark also claimed that Rios’ idea showed “a great understanding of what the company must do in order to evolve” while also stating that it “was pretty much obvious to everyone in the room, so there’s no point on dwelling on the idea or getting hung up on who made it.”

Clark proceeded to dwell on Rios’ statement further.  

“When you think about the fact that I trained Evan and really honed his way of thinking and problem-solving, it’s perfectly clear that his idea actually stemmed from me,” remarked Clark.  “In a way, his success is really a testament to my own success.  

“Let’s make sure to include that in the meeting recap.”

Coworkers later confirmed that Clark could be seen explaining to his boss why he deserved all the credit after the custodian fixed the service elevator.

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