College Intern Regales Office With Tale About Where She Puked Last Saturday

Phoenix, AZ – Intern and University of Arizona student Chanel Burleston broke into her Monday tradition of  over-sharing her wry college life adventures to her coworkers where she vomited over the weekend.  Coworkers have previously listened to Burleston, who just turned 21 years old, tell them about barfing outside of a McDonald’s drive-through window, in her bed, and, on multiple occasions, in the parking garage right before work.  

“I must’ve had at least three double shots of tequila before we even left the apartment,” said Burleston.  “And then we went to this kick-ass rave at what used to be a Delta Sigma Nu chapter until they got busted for selling roofies to Catholic priests.”

While coworkers like product manager Sharon Heidelberg prayed that her story would end then and there, Burleston instead pressed on.  

“It was a sick party, and they had so much Natty Ice; I probably did at least a dozen keg stands,” recalled Burleston, even as coworkers tried to steer the conversation to anything else than its inevitable conclusion.  “I puked so much on the dance floor that I lost sight in my right eye.

“Fortunately, no one even knew it was puke and just thought it was some cool floor glitter for the blacklights.”

Coworkers are looking forward to the continuing saga, especially the part where she gets busted for a DUI after previously declaring ride-share apps “lame”.  

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