Manager Expecting “Tons Of Questions” About Toyota Camry Purchase

Silver Spring, MD – As operations manager Tony Balboa pulled his just-purchased 2018 Toyota Camry into his office parking lot, he could already sense his coworkers’ oncoming wave of questions about the car.  Balboa had been expecting it all weekend and feels confidently prepared to sate their curiosity over what Car and Driver described as “a Camry we don’t mind driving”.

“I’m expecting to come out of the gate answering questions about some of the standard Toyota Camry talking points,” said Balboa.  “Let’s face it, when people hear ‘Camry’, they want to know if it’s as revolutionary as the commercials would have you believe.  Is the Entune 3.0 touchscreen infotainment system fully customizable yet easily streamlined for simplicity?  Can a mid-size family sedan truly average almost 40 MPG on the highway?”

Balboa chuckled and shook his head.  “I was skeptical too, but driving is believing.  Turns out this old dog can learn a few new tricks after all.”

Balboa expects his coworkers to turn their attention to the Camry’s body styling, which was recently redesigned for 2018.

“The first thing that will probably come out of their mouth when they see it is ‘whoa, that’s a Camry‘? Yes, it’s a Camry; yes, it’s got 17-inch rims; and yes, that is a four-exhaust muffler system, just like Lamborghini,” Balboa pointed out while smiling wryly.  “You would not believe the looks I’m getting when I pull up to the stop light, it’s like ‘easy everybody, I know it looks like something out of one of those Fast and Furious movies, but I’m just trying to get to work’.”

As of press time, none of Balboa’s coworkers have accepted his meeting invitation to stand in the parking lot while he starts the Camry and listen to the four-cylinder engine roar.

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