Employee Credits Promotion To Hard Work, Fake Laugh

Bowling Green, KY – After coworkers asked recently promoted senior manager Sal Jones for career advice, he attributed his success to hard work and dedication to mastering the ability to laugh at any joke his boss makes, regardless of how lame, distasteful, or vaguely racist it may be.  Jones has spent the past two years staying late at the office working on his fake laugh and details that are too often overlooked, such as duration, pitch, enthusiasm, and should he have his water bottle available, spit takes.  He even practices his fake laugh at home, watching ‘2 Broke Girls’ and ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’ and forcing himself to guffaw at their stale, formulaic jokes.

“Sure, some folks think they’ve mastered the fake laugh, but it’s an art that is often taken for granted,” explained Jones.  “You can’t just bust your gut every time your boss makes a terrible joke about laying off your coworker. It takes an experienced ear to read his mood and respond with the appropriate soulless, empty laugh.

“Is he just making a crude joke in passing while moving on to the next person he hates at our company?  Okay, I’ll just let out a little chuckle.  Oh, whoa, he’s leaning in and waiting for my reaction after saying something so unfunny that I physically want to cringe; I better put my back into this laugh.”

While Jones is happy with his current success, he remains his own harshest critic and is already looking at what he should work on next in order to be successful.  Coworkers say that Jones is determined to figure out how to  compliment his boss’ appearance without making it sound like he’s attracted to him before his next annual review.

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