Coworker Finally Buckling Down On New Year’s Resolutions

Redmond, WA – With less than month left in 2018, Peter Chin told coworkers that he’s decided to really focus on knocking out his list of New Year’s resolutions for the year.  Chin intends to start on the list, which contains over 20 resolutions, ranging from “learning how to play the guitar” to “pay off grad school student loans”, as soon as he finishes playing Red Dead Redemption 2.  

Chin has a reputation for over-promising on his New Year’s resolutions, such as 2017’s goal of “cure tinnitus”, or his 2014 goal to “write and direct a better ending to Lost using the original cast”.  Much like previous years, Chin found himself sidetracked by multiple projects at work, as well as binge-watching television shows like Amazon Prime’s Goliath.

“I’m just a huge Billy Bob Thornton fan, some even call me a Billy-phile, and to me television just doesn’t get better than Goliath,” said a sheepish Chin.  “Of course I wanted to build that elementary school in Haiti this year, but not by sacrificing a fourth watching of what the New York Times has called ‘watchable television’.”

Chin’s weekend plans include planting a garden, starting a podcast, and packing on 30 pounds of muscle.

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