Social Media Manager Thrilled To Appear On CNN, Less Thrilled To Discuss Sexist Tweets

Dallas, TX – Chase Oglethorpe, social media manager for vacuum manufacturer Sucksion Technologies, has spent the past few days barely able to hide his excitement about his television debut on CNN Tonight, though he has been notably more muted about having to explain the offensive posts made under Sucksion’s various social media accounts.  Oglethorpe is hoping that the interview focuses more on his whimsical anecdotes as a self-professed social media addict that started his first Myspace page when he was seven years old, and not on a recent tweet stating that women “can learn all they need from vacuums:  how to clean and how to suck”.

While Oglethorpe’s tweet drew national outrage and a drop in vacuum sales of nearly 20 percent, Oglethorpe hopes that the CNN interview focuses on “his ability to create both brand awareness, among millenials, and especially among women.”

“Sure, no social media manager wants to be responsible for creating a hashtag to boycott the company you work for,” said Oglethorpe.  “But if it’s going to happen, don’t you want it to at least be trending on Twitter?  For two days #stopsucking was trending higher than anything Kanye West tweeted.  We even went international; Europe stopped talking about Brexit and instead just focused on how sexist America is.

“I’m hopeful that  CNN will focus on how I was able to get a national discussion started about how women should be treated as equals and we can move past the fact that the internet has universally declared me the worst public face of a business since Jared and Subway.”

Sources at CNN confirmed that the network does not plan on congratulating Oglethorpe, and that they have informed him of that fact repeatedly.

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