Conference Call Participants Can’t Believe It’s Just Wednesday

Memphis, TN – Roughly 22 seconds after dialing into an inter-office conference call, meeting attendees all shared their incredulity that it’s only Wednesday, which has traditionally followed Tuesday since roughly the 6th century BC.  Historians are unable to find any records of the Earth skipping forward in time a day, despite unanimous agreement with Kevin Brooke’s observation that today “feels more like a Thursday”.

Meeting attendees also agreed that the week was “flying by”, as if somehow time itself had begun to accelerate faster than ever before.  Concerned NASA officials are reviewing satellite readings to see if a previously undiscovered black hole has emerged in the solar system, thereby altering the speed of light and warping time itself.  Government officials have urged the populace to remain calm, but anonymous sources say that the military has been instructed to begin stockpiling as many clocks as possible to prevent a time shortage.

Later on in the call, coworkers were astounded that it’s already almost December.


  1. I heard the government tracked down the originator of this to Spotify. The government forcibly took every single PLAY that Pink Floyd’s “Time” had received, effectively gaining the upper hand for the coming time crisis.

    • Amazing breakthrough. Maybe the government will finally have enough time to actually get something done.

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