Interview Candidate Considers Squats His Biggest Weakness

Knoxville, TN – After Mike Moxton, hiring manager for a back-end developer role at Applicon, asked interview candidate Jason Baxter what he considered his biggest personal flaw, he was unsure how to proceed when Baxter called out his lagging quads, resulting in a poor max-effort back squat.  Despite Moxton’s reassurance that the role has absolutely no physical requirements beyond sitting in a chair, moving a mouse, and some light walking, Baxter felt the need to go into further detail by explaining that it’s not just his one-rep max, but also his overall stamina, and that while it was embarrassing to talk about, it also felt good to get off his chest.

“I don’t want to mislead you during the interview or give you the wrong impression,” Baxter told a clearly confused Morton.  “But if I sit here and tell you that I can squat 315 pounds, and you hire me, then one day one of the server racks falls and it just happens to weigh 315 pounds and then you’re like, ‘Jason, please, we need you to save the servers’, and that’s when you find out my squat max is only 275, then I’d feel horrible.”

Baxter then went on to list over a dozen other potential scenarios that could only be solved by squats, such as a ceiling beam falling on top of a coworker, two female employees falling unconscious during a fire, or a random squatting competition spontaneously converging in the office parking lot.  Morton said that all these scenarios were highly unlikely, but conceded that they were all theoretically possible.

When Morton tried to steer the conversation back to work by asking what his second-biggest weakness is, Baxter answered with “poor workout routine and exercise selection, over-prioritizing upper body instead of including an equal amount of lower body work”.  Baxter then went on to elaborate about how squats are “the king of all exercises”, a fact that Morton was unaware of, nor was he aware that exercises were also classified as royalty.

After Morton wrapped up the interview by asking him what his biggest strength is, Baxter responded: “my never-quit attitude and a natural curiosity to always learn and grow.  Either that or my bench press.”

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