Customer Service Manager Can’t Wait To See What Mom Packed For Lunch

Greensboro, NC – As Jax Wexler settled into his desk at Flanni to start the day, he was already looking forward to eating the lunch his mom had lovingly packed for him that day.  Wexler, 26 years old, has been living with his parents since graduating college  four years ago due to rising housing costs and over six figures in school debt, both issues that keep him up until at least 2 a.m. every night.

Despite the fact that he can’t afford to buy lunch, let alone save up for his own place, while stuck in a dead-end job with no career trajectory, Wexler still finds time to enjoy the day-to-day wins, like when his mom makes pulled pork sandwiches on white bread instead of multigrain.  Wexler refuses to complain about the lovingly packed meals, even when his mom gave him grapes instead of Gushers last week.

“It’s the highlight of my day, no doubt about that,” said Wexler.  “I had to make the team work all weekend because our latest gaming mouse was catching on fire for undisclosed reasons, and customers were really upset when we went through our scripted response to see if they had accidentally doused the mouse with gasoline then lit up a cigarette after a game of Overwatch or what-not.  But their constant, deeply personal verbal abuse doesn’t even faze me because I know my mom packed a Splash Cooler Capri-Sun for me.

“She even leaves little notes like ‘Good luck on your annual review!’ and ‘Make sure to wash your hands after you eat’.

“My mom is totally the best.”

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