“Hands-Off” Manager Requires Employees To List How They Spend Every Minute At Work

Tampa Bay, FL- Describing himself as a “go with the flow” manager dedicated to “empowering the team by treating them as adults that can handle their own work”, sales manager Dexter Reed has requested that all of his employees send him a daily recap of every single action they perform, including work tasks, when they go on break, and what movie they’re seeing after work.

Reed, or as he prefers his employees call him, “D-Rex”, claims that he doesn’t want to micro-manage the team and that they have his full trust, despite requiring them to CC Reed on every email sent, as well as send a list of all text messages sent during the day.

“If I were getting all ‘up in their business’, then why don’t I ask them for updates on what they text after work and on the weekends?” asked a smirking Reed.  “It’s because I trust and respect them, though I would love to see the ability for managers to demand access to their employees’ phones at any time added as a proposition to the next Florida election.”

Despite Reed’s self-described “chillness”, members of his team find him overbearing, with his intrusions blurring the line between work and their personal space.

“I get that he wants to know what’s going on, but he’s logging every single thing I do,” said Yvonne Alexander, an account executive on Reed’s team.  “If he wants to know what projects I’m working, that’s fine, but it makes me uncomfortable that I have to let him know when I’m going to the bathroom.

“Also, no one has ever called him ‘D-Rex’, and I can guarantee that no one ever will.”

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