Award Winning Chef Unsure How He Ended Up Making Lunch At Tech Company

Mountain View, CA – World-renowned celebrity chef, Gino Pelletier, celebrated for opening award-winning restaurants in Paris, New York City, and Los Angeles, woke up confused as he found himself driving to ad tech giant Advertio to make lunch for their employees.  Pelletier seemed out of sorts as he tried to understand how he went from creating high-class dining experiences for A-list celebrities in the most upscale kitches across the globe to becoming a bullet point in Advertio’s employee perks section on their website.

“It’s seems like last Friday night I was creating an eclectic array of animal feet from 30 different countries for Quentin Tarantino,” Pelletier recalled.  “Now I’m making meals that sit under a bunch of heat lights for 500 software engineers and marketing-buzzword droppers.  I don’t think there’s a single supermodel or pro athlete in this place.

“I was still trying to convince myself it was a dream while I was driving into the office – wait, do I have an office? – and then I confirmed it on LinkedIn.  Hold on, when did I get a LinkedIn account?  How do I have over 500 connections, and when did I like this video of some guy riding around on motorized luggage at an airport?”

Perhaps the hardest realization for Pelletier has been acquiescing his menu’s usual flair and panache to accommodate a variety of diet restrictions.

“At my own restaurants, like Foodhole and Le Intestinal, if you had an allergy or a dietary restriction, my waitstaff was trained to laugh in your face and post a video on our Instagram account as you were escorted out,” Pelletier said.  “Now I’ve got to make sure that there’s something for everybody, which is difficult when half of the employees are on some made up diet claiming that eggs are more addictive than fentanyl, and the other half get pissed if there isn’t fried onion strings available as a topping.”

Sources believe that the giant, over-sized sack of money Pelletier receives every other week may be a contributing factor to his decision.

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