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Receptionist Accidentally Shows Up In Halloween Costume One Day Late


Edison, NJ – Becky Adler, who returned to work today after a month-long vacation with her family in Europe, was shocked to walk into the office and discover that she was the only one in costume: an elaborate recreation of Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique from the X-Men movie franchise.  Tracy Nelson, Adler’s coworker and executive assistant at legal firm McCormick & Associates, quickly rushed to Adler to explain that Halloween was the previous day, and that she had also missed some body paint on her side-boob.

“I felt so terrible for her when she came in, I knew immediately that she must feel humiliated to be on display like that,” said Nelson.  “She spent the entire morning holding back tears and pretending to find humor at walking around the office with her blue butt hanging out while all of us are dressed professionally.

“That’s why I knew I had to take a picture of her and post it on our Instagram account with the caption ‘Not sure if late for Halloween or early for Comic-Con’.  Misery and hilarity are so hot on social media right now!”

The embarrassing photo is already McCormick & Associates’ most popular Instagram post, with over 40,000 likes in a matter of hours and a prominently trending hashtag, “#bluedayintheoffice”.

Adler has spent the entire day alternately wishing for a meteor to hit the office or to actually turn into Mystique so that she can shape-shift herself into a normal outfit.  While interacting with coworkers has been difficult enough, Adler has found herself feeling even smaller when dealing with the legal firm’s clients.

“Is this supposed to be funny?”, shouted Debra Meringer, currently going through a nasty divorce, after Adler asked her to sign in.  “Why is a giant Smurf asking if I’m thirsty?”

Adler was subsequently written up for a lack of professionalism at the office.

While Adler doesn’t expect the day to get any worse, coworkers think she’ll find out otherwise when she goes home and discovers the stain that her blue body paint left on her Kia Forte’s white interior.

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