Finance Manager Unsure How To Casually Bring Up Shaving His Chest Over The Weekend

Trenton, NJ – As coworkers spent early Monday morning making small talk about the weekend, Gino Martell found himself struggling to find the right moment to interject his own anecdote about how he spent the entire weekend shaving his voluminous chest hair for the first time.  Martell had spent the entire drive into work planning out how he would tell his coworkers, starting first by establishing the timeline that the entire shave was a two-day affair, starting above the nipple on Saturday, followed by the stomach on Sunday morning with some final touch-up before going to bed.

Unfortunately, Martell’s first attempt didn’t pan out, as he was forced to leave his coworkers’ conversation after a botched attempt at inserting his own story.  When Diane Weaver talked about her daughter’s wedding, Martell interjected by asking “did she have to shave her chest for that”, expecting the comment to successfully segue into a discussion about body hair management.  Instead, Martell’s ill-timed question about the bride’s chest hair led to an awkward silence and stunned looks.

While disappointed at how his initial attempt failed, Martell remains determined to over-share the almost 16 hour chest-shaving experience with his coworkers whether they want to hear it or not.  Sources confirmed Martell has an alternate plan of asking if “it’s too hot in the office” and then just removing his shirt and going from there.

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