Back-End Developer Only Shows Up To Work Due ‘Pokemon Go’ Drop Proximity

San Francisco, CA – Madeline Leung, back-end developer at Boichango, stated on multiple social media platforms the only reason that she gets out of bed to come to work is to collect rare and exotic items in the mobile game, Pokemon Go.

“OMG why am I up right now?” tweeted Leung, who then clarified:  “Oh ya, got 2 feed my Pokemon addiction!  LOL!”

Leung would later post on Facebook about catching a Magikarp during the 10 a.m. tech scrum meeting.  Leung then pretended to go to the bathroom, only to spend the next two hours checking in to various Pokemon Go locations around the office.

Despite her complete disregard towards her job, Leung still keeps up with her workload by remaining 100% committed to removing any roadblock that stands in the way of her Pokemon Go obsession.

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