Trendy New Startup Includes Office DJ As Corporate Perk

Palo Alto, CA – In an effort to distinguish its office perks from other up-and-coming startups as well as established tech giants such as Google and Uber, digital media startup Pixotude has brought on DJ Resin-8 to spin hit tracks during company hours, fresh off his European tour.  Pixotude VP of H.R. Ginger Long came up with the idea after seeing a DJ at her local Whole Foods.

“At first I thought this was a step backwards for my career, but then they offered me one percent ownership in Pixotude,” said DJ Resin-8.  “All I do is come in and play Ryan Seacrest’s morning show on repeat.  Plus, there’s free lunch and bikram yoga twice a week.”

While DJ Resin-8 has settled into the office comfortably, some of his coworkers are less than thrilled to have him constantly playing sick beats and butt-thumping volume.  Account executive Noah Ramirez has found himself struggling to focus on his work ever since DJ Resin-8 started.

“Even though I’m not a big techno guy, at first I thought it was pretty cool to have him here, just so I could brag about it to my friends,” stated Ramirez.  “But then they changed the office so it’s pitch black like a club, and there’s a fog machine running all the time now, and it’s just been really hard on my asthma.”

When these issues were brought up with DJ Resin-8, he was sympathetic, but showed no desire to change his setup.

“I’m an artist first, musician second, and Fortnite player third,” declared DJ Resin-8.  “My show is an expression of who I am, and it’s not changing, even if the whole place catches fire like that one time in Berlin.

“Not to mention no one can see me with the lights off and all the fog going around, so I can leave pretty much every day around 10 a.m.”

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