Frustrated Coworkers Unable To Reach Resolution on How To Split Lunch Bill

Arlington, VA – Tensions flared as Pixodeo employees were unable to figure out how to split the check for their team lunch.  Sources say that negotiations fell through at the 11th hour when Sandra Griffith demanded her bill be reduced since she didn’t eat any of the ceviche appetizer.

Griffith denied those allegations, instead blaming the gaffe on her manager, Marcus Hogan, ordering two margaritas while no one else drank.  Hogan, however, said that the margaritas were necessary to get through the “stale, boring conversation of what Marvel movie saw most recently”.

Since no one was willing to pay the full balance, the entire team instead ran out of the restaurant after Griffith threw her chicken tortilla soup leftovers at the waitress.

“It was a total disaster, and I’m embarrassed to be a part of it,” confessed Dominic White.  “This is why you should never do tapas if you’re splitting the bill since now we’re supposed to track how many shrimp tacos each person ate.  And I don’t even like shrimp.”

The situation deteriorated further during the drive back to the office as Hogan berated White for “being the last idiot on Earth to not have Venmo.”

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