Social Media Manager Has Strong Opinion Regarding Instagram Founders Leaving Facebook

Santa Monica, CA – Social media manager Becky Wainwright has spent the past 72 hours forcibly engaging her coworkers in conversations about Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger’s decision to move on from Facebook.  Coworkers noted that Wainwright, who previously only talked with coworkers about the latest episodes of E! reality shows and Instagram celebrity feuds, wanted to mainly discuss the “political and social ramifications” of Systrom and Krieger’s resignation.

Coworkers also confirmed that Wainwright cannot name either of her state senators nor has any idea who Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., or Susan B. Anthony are.

Bolstered by her success building an online following of over 2,000 Instagram users, Wainwright was more than happy to tell anyone nearby about what Facebook’s should do next to ensure its continued survival.  Wainwright emphasized that the tech conglomerate, which has over 1.2 billion users across its multiple products and has largely seen strong economic growth and unparalleled social influence, “needs to evolve before it ends up becoming the next Myspace”.

When asked for further clarification, Wainwright responded with a Bitmoji of herself running on a treadmill.

Curious readers can find out more about Wainwright’s opinion by checking her Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat accounts, or, alternatively, by standing outside her apartment for 30 seconds listening to her yell at anyone who passes by her window.

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