Intern Has Seen It All

Wichita, KS – After interning at Vicegem for college credit, Lewis Baker reflected upon his tenure and stated comfortably that there was no new challenge that could surprise him now that he’s “been through hell and back”.  Baker’s mom confirmed that he no longer looked like the wide-eyed college student that had entered, but instead carried the well-traveled demeanor that can only be earned through a four-week internship.

“Look, I catch on pretty quickly, and I’m not some naive college sophomore that doesn’t get it,” Baker said.  “I took AP history since junior year of high school; trust me, I know how the world works.  But after four weeks of making copies, doing basic data entry, and liking all of Vicegem’s posts on Instagram, it’s like I’ve never been more prepared in my life.”

Baker’s supervisor, Aileen Downing, echoed Baker’s sentiments.  “There aren’t many interns that earn my trust like Lewis did, but he got there,” Downing beamed.  “That’s why I let him drive me to the airport twice while he was here.”

“Man, it’s actually crazy to think about what life was like when I first started,” reminisced Baker.  “It’s like, season two of Ozark wasn’t even out yet, Eminem hadn’t dissed MGK, and I hadn’t done my fantasy football draft yet.

“It was just simpler times then.  Not just here at work, but also for the country.  Sometimes it’s hard not to get nostalgic about it.”

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