Automation Engineer Successfully Automates Herself Out of Job

Newark, NJ – Tara Hicks, QA automation engineer at Cryptovu, reached a bittersweet milestone when her newest automation script completely removed the need for Cryptovu to continue employing her.  The script, a self-learning algorithm that can almost instantly scan every server across Cryptovu, was able to finish all of Hicks’ work for the next six months while she was refilling her coffee.

Hicks, known for preaching “work smarter, not harder”, had mixed feelings towards her own script’s success.

“I worked day and night for the past two months on this, clocking in 60 hour weeks regularly,” said Hicks.  “I blew off birthdays and vacation.  I came in for an entire week while I had adult chicken pox.  Now, I really wish I had at least done it at a normal pace.  Why was I in such a rush to make myself obsolete?

“On the one hand, it feels great to accomplish what many consider to be the pinnacle of automation.  On the other hand, I really need a job.”

Cryptovu CEO Elizabeth Critten thanked Hicks for her hard work and dedication before declaring the automation script employee of the month.

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