Employees Convince Themselves Lack of Traffic on Commute Totally Makes Up for Working on Labor Day

Santa Monica, CA – Preston Patterson and Josh Armstrong, coworkers at Supravee, were both pleasantly surprised by their twenty-minute morning commute to their office on Labor Day.  The roommates, who typically spend an hour in traffic driving in from Long Beach, were requested to come into work due to a lack of automation, planning, and general concern for their mental fatigue.

“Getting to the office so quickly just really shows how overpopulated Los Angeles is,” said Patterson, who canceled plans with his girlfriend to spend the long weekend in Palm Springs.  “Days like today allow me to really appreciate how close my apartment really is to the rest of Los Angeles if half the population mysteriously vanished for some reason.”

Sources confirmed that Patterson’s girlfriend, Katie Roberts, was disappointed in his decision, but respected his ambition and work ethic.  Sources also confirmed that she intends to break up with Patterson as soon as he gets home.

“I’m just shocked by how many suckers didn’t get a chance to enjoy this sweet drive in today,” said a grinning Armstrong.  He then proceeded to shake his head and laugh at all the “straight up dumbf—s” spending time at the beach, partying with friends, or barbecuing with their families instead of working on Labor Day.

Patterson and Armstrong are both excited to see how quickly they can make it into the Supravee office this Saturday.

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