Coworker Won’t Shutup About His Vape Pen

Portland, OR – Multiple employees at Binix confirmed reports that web developer Rodolfo Peterson can’t stop talking about his newfound passion for “vaping”, otherwise known as e-cigarette vapor inhalation. Peterson reportedly started vaping after finding out both Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio are avid e-cig enthusiasts.  Peterson has become an unrelenting presence in the office about the subject with coworkers repeatedly subjected to Peterson’s opinion on vape flavors.

“Rodolfo was telling me about how he just got a new wax that had ‘really strong mid notes without taking away from the low threshold’,” said Steve Reid, HR coordinator.  “When did it become okay to describe how things taste by sound?  This is only slightly worse than when he got into IPAs and wouldn’t shutup about barley count, which I’m pretty sure isn’t a thing.”

Other coworkers chimed in about their awkward interactions with Peterson as well.

“The other day as I was walking past the smoker’s area outside, I saw Rodolfo playing with the vape smoke,” said Isabel Hanson, editor at Binix.  “Unfortunately he spotted me looking and roped me into watching for 20 minutes as he showed me the jellyfish cloud he was working on.  At least that’s what he said, it really just looked like the f—ing cloud of smoke that it is.

“He was talking about modding his pen too, so that it blows more smoke.  I couldn’t tell if (Rodolfo) was serious or not, but he was pretty adamant about making sure that none of the parts came from China and that the best vape pens come from the United States.  I didn’t realize he was so patriotic.”

Peterson’s other interests include collecting skateboards, remixing EDM playlists, and blowing as much vape smoke into nearby faces as humanly possible.

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