Coworker Clearly Attending Meeting Just to Get Free Lunch

Falls Church, VA – Jayson Fulmer, operations manager at Yado, was spotted attending an editorial team lunch meeting earlier today, nodding his head in satisfaction upon realizing that the food was from prominent burger chain Five Guys.  Per multiple sources, Fulmer has no day-to-day involvement with the editorial department, nor has he ever read any of the content they’ve produced.  When asked what his favorite article was, Fulmer instead shifted the discussion around who wanted the last burger, and that the content team could “maybe write an article on that.”

Feedback from the editorial team about Fulmer’s attendance was mixed.  Mindi Reardon, head editor, said that Fulmer “clearly has no idea what we do, nor does he have any idea in providing value to how we build a bigger audience.”  However, Reardon conceded that Fulmer’s take-charge decision-making for picking next week’s restaurant was “bold and inspired”, and that she’s looking forward to Mediterranean for lunch.

The event marks Fulmer’s fifth appearance at a catered lunch meeting in the past six days, with topics ranging from “Social Media Marketing Strategy Roadmap” to “Lactation Room Reservation Guidelines”.  The only catered lunch he didn’t attend was a department team meeting about “Improving Operational Scalability Through Workflow Elegance”.  While his attendance was required, Fulmer told coworkers he had a “scheduling conflict” after discovering Veggie Grill would be provided.

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