Product Manager Only Uses Military Time

Phoenix, AZ – Jim Meachem, product manager at Unosis, has gained notoriety around the office for always using military time instead of regular time.  The habit frequently frustrates his coworkers as an unnecessary hurdle that didn’t mesh with Unosis’ culture as a sticker app featuring popular Bravo reality TV stars.

Coworkers expressed similar distate toward Meachem’s predilection towards military jargon as well:  referring to meeting agendas as “SITREPs”, conference rooms as “OPSEC”, and the kitchen as the “mess hall”.

“I served two tours in Afghanistan,” said Katherine Basedow, back-end developer.  “We used military time so that we didn’t accidentally bomb someplace at two in the morning instead of two in the afternoon.  Nobody’s showing up at the office at 10pm for a meeting.

“Also, he needs to stop buying dead soldier medals on eBay and hanging them in his cubicle.  It’s seriously messed up.”

Despite not serving in any military branch, Meachem considers himself an excellent candidate for the Army, Navy, and Marines, and has concluded that, had he enlisted, he would have either been an Army Ranger or Navy SEAL.

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