Quick-Thinking Employee Minimizes Chat Window

Tallahassee, FL – Nichole Whitman, junior graphic designer at Infraxo, quickly minimized her Slack chat when she saw her manager, Zach Dennings, returning to their cubicle space.  Dennings, known for reading any private conversations that come within his eyesight, demonstrably looked down at his watch to check the time, then at the ceiling lights, then finally at the parking garage, where he wondered out loud how many cars it held.

“One time I was IMing with a coworker about grabbing drinks after work, and Zach walked by and hung out over my shoulder,” recalled Whitman.  “He then started telling me all of his favorite happy hour bars.  When I called him out on reading my Slack conversation, he said I was just being super lame and said I was disinvited from team karaoke.  But he kinda hesitated when he said karaoke.  Now that I think about it, I’ve got a picture of me and my friends singing karaoke in Honolulu.  Do you think that’s where he got it from?”

When asked to comment, Dennings showed little interest in Whitman’s conversations.  “I’m glad she’s being social with the team,” Dennings said.  “It’s totally fine that they have their own lives, and I’m happy that the team has formed a bond without me.” He then checked his phone for any text messages, voicemails, and Instagram DMs.  None had come through.

Dennings, who has worked at Infraxo for over five years, has yet to be invited to a single team lunch.


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