Eco-Friendly Office Bans Plastic Straws, Lunch Breaks

Dallas, TX – In an effort to reduce the amount of unnecessary garbage generated on a daily basis, app developer Flimia announced that it would no longer allow plastic straws or lunch breaks in their office.  Corporations such as McDonald’s and Marriott have taken similar strides, but none had shown initiative to put an end to lunches as well, typically the highest waste-producing activity of the workday.

“Flimia is going one step further than corporations like Starbucks or American Airlines by no longer taking lunch breaks whatsoever,” stated COO Joana Boatwright.  “The American customer wants to support socially conscious companies, and removing straws and lunch breaks shows exactly where we stand.”

Employees at Flimia had mixed reviews towards the new policy after its announcement.  While many support reducing waste and pollution, even more support sustenance and eating.  Liz Graham, a developer, estimates that she eats lunch roughly 7 days a week, and expects this to drastically impact her consumption.

Boatwright plans on addressing the global water shortage by removing employee access to the bathrooms.

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