Account Executive Way Too Excited to Talk About Latest Trip to Bathroom

Cambridge, MA – Ken McKnight, account executive at Polyore, rushed back from the bathroom to tell his coworkers in extremely vivid detail what happened in the bathroom.  McKnight, oblivious to the look of disgust across their faces, has developed a reputation at the office for for initiating unsolicited conversations about using the facilities.

While McKnight’s coworkers are disgusted by his overly graphic bathroom stories, they also fear when he comes back refusing to discuss his trip.  “The last time (McKnight) didn’t make a comment after going to the bathroom, the toilet was broken for two weeks,” said a coworker who refused to be identified.  “One time he didn’t even return to his desk and just went home.  Two minutes later, the fire department showed up and evacuated the building.”

McKnight has never received his security deposit back from any landlord.

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