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Thoughtful Coworker Keeps Mental Breakdown to Himself


Denver, CO – Employees at Eazio were thrilled when Danny Nyugen,  financial analyst, refused to seek help from others during a nervous breakdown in the office, instead choosing to sob quietly to himself at his cubicle. Nyugen avoided any eye contact, which allowed coworkers to avoid any attempt at having to help him.  He graciously also chose to have the breakdown at lunch to minimize the number of people that would have seen him show genuine emotion at work.

“Danny didn’t even look up from his desk,” said Linda Herrera, HR director.  “There was a literal puddle under his face from the tears, but if you didn’t pay attention to the whimpering, you wouldn’t even know he was crying like a little girl.”  Herrera credited herself for not intervening whatsoever even though she has tissues available at her desk.

Nyugen would later go on to provide a routine update during the weekly revenue meeting, where no one acknowledged his swollen face, red eyes, or overall sullen, defeated demeanor.

Despite the office-wide approval to not ask for help, coworkers recommended that Nguyen have his next breakdown in either his car or the bathroom, preferably not the handicap stall.

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