Glasses-Wearing Graphic Designer Clearly Nerd

Las Vegas, NV – After multiple coworkers noticed graphic designer Angelina Harris wearing glasses, it was determined that she is a total nerd.  Harris, a four-eyed dork that always falls for fake high fives, has worn glasses since her first class presidency in high school and sporadically throughout her on-again, off-again modeling career.

Harris’ interests include constantly re-watching Harry Potter, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and cosplaying as a Lord of the Rings elf, her coworkers assume.  Her IT request for a Macbook instead of a PC confirmed their beliefs.

“What a loser,” commented Cassandra Bishop.  “She’s so lame, she even flinched when I fake-punched her.”  Bishop reported that she intended to knock over Harris’ lunchtray in the cafeteria later that afternoon, and later she plans on recruiting Lillian Nunez to kneel behind Harris while Bishop pushes her over in the playground, totally making her fall over like a dumb baby.

Harris reportedly plans on spending her weekend “cry(ing) to (her) mommy”, as instructed by Bishop.

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