Employee Successfully Fends Off Terrorist Attack During Meeting Daydream

San Diego, CA – While Brock Cooper’s coworkers listened intently during Lupescent quarterly performance meeting, Cooper found himself instead preoccupied with saving their lives in an hour-long daydream.  The daydream left three of his most incompetent coworkers dead in Cooper’s mind.  The terrorists sought to neutralize Cooper with their toxin, but instead Cooper immediately grew six inches, put on forty pounds of muscle, and gained all of Iron Man’s intelligence and Spider-Man’s powers, which he quickly put to use to stop thirty terrorists, two helicopters, a fighter jet squadron, and Thanos from the latest Avengers movie.

Using his newfound Spidey-Sense, Cooper was able to simultaneously discover that his boss, total shmuck Eric Renner, orchestrated the attack while working with an international terrorist organization whose members all have Eastern European accents.  During the daydream, Renner confessed to being a fool that was motivated by an unhinged jealousy towards Cooper.

“Our top scientists knew that there was one specific genetic code out there that would immediately turn into a superhero if sprayed with our ToxiVenom,” Renner confessed.  “I just never thought it would be (Cooper).”

After watching Cooper save not just her company but also the fate of democracy in the Western hemisphere, Lupescent CEO Nelia Covington apologized to him for not respecting his ideas, such as adding game mechanics to vending machines.  “You’re right,” Covington said to Cooper in his overly elaborate mental construction.  “And you’re so smart, I never should have passed you over for promotion.  We should also go out for a romantic date that will definitely end in the bedroom.”

Previously, Cooper has daydreamed about saving the office from an alien attack, a tsunami, a Russian military invasion, vampires that could survive in sunlight, and Agent Smith from The Matrix, as well as rescuing his coworkers after the plane that the entire company was inexplicably on together crashed on a previously undiscovered island.  Cooper’s boss is reported dead in every daydream.

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