Fax Machine Nostalgic for Glory Days

Cleveland, OH – Office fax machine/printer Samsung SCX-3450FW reminisced longingly for an era when faxes ruled office communications. Despite still having a dedicated phone line, SCX-3450FW mainly goes unused, with office employees opting to email paperwork instead.

“It’s nonsense,” said SCX-3450FW.  “Everybody wants everything now.  What happened to the thrill of the fax?  Not every idiot can just walk up to a fax and hit ‘send’.  You had to make sure the fax was right-side up so you weren’t sending 20 blank pages.  Or accidentally sending it to their phone line instead of their fax line and just wrecking their eardrums.  We’re like stallions; you can’t just throw a saddle on us.

Back in the ’90’s, you couldn’t make a deal without it going through a fax machine,” sighed SCX-3450FW.  “We were so important that CEOs would put us in front of photos of their kids.  Now we’re worth less than the Keurig machine.”

While still occasionally used as a printer, SCX-3450FW couldn’t recall the last fax it had either sent or received.  “I think it was back in the late 2000’s, the IT guy had swapped out my printer cartridge and meant to print a test page but ended up sending a fax.  Man, we all had a good laugh about that one.

“At least we’re still going strong in doctor’s offices.  They’ll never leave us behind.”

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