Environment Not Considered Before Printing Email

San Francisco, CA – Despite a clear warning to consider the environment in Joan Lloyd’s signature, Manuel Pederson printed her email regarding quarterly budget forecasts.

“It’s just sad,” said Lloyd.  “I’m trying to leave the world in a better place when I’m gone, but you’ve got guys like Manuel who don’t even think about the carbon footprint their lives have on the rest of us.  Did he even consider how much harm he was doing to the environment when he flew to Guatemala to build that church?”

Pederson confirmed that he had not considered the environmental impact that printing the email may have, such as the impact on the rainforest, the sinking polar ice caps, or record temperature highs across the globe.  In addition, he has not yet signed Lloyd’s change.org petition to remove plastic straws from the kitchen, nor has he liked her Facebook post of a Minion being sad about global warming.


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