Boss Can Only Communicate With Sports Analogies

Tempe, AZ – Simon Norris, community manager at Wikiloo, has a unique way of getting his point across:  dropping sports analogies frequently and routinely into all conversations, meetings, and emails.  Norris, who has never played a sport himself at either a recreational or competitive level, spends almost all of his free time consuming as much sports media as possible, as well as calling into local sports radio shows and commenting on sports blogs.

“It can be hard to know exactly what Simon’s saying, but you generally get the gist of it,”, said Monique Hansen, Facebook coordinator.  “During my annual review he said that I was playing like Lebron when he came out of high school and that I could totally get to Lebron’s peak in 2016 when he beat the Warriors.  I have no idea who Lebron is, but it came with a raise.”

At times, however, Norris’ communication style frustrated his employees. “I requested next Friday off for my high school reunion, and he told me that it was ‘gut-check time’,” said an exasperated Francis Higgins, Pinterest coordinator.  “Is that a no?  Can’t he just say that?  Wait, what sport does that even come from?”

“Look at this upcoming meeting agenda,” noted Glen Fleming, accountant. “‘Reading the Defense’, ‘Don’t Be Afraid to Go Deep’, ‘You Miss Every Shot You Don’t Take’, and ‘4th and Inches’.  This is just supposed to go over how Facebook bills us.”

“It’s not just about what’s happening on the field,” explained Norris.  “There’s also the game within the game, and it starts with some basic blocking and tackling.  I’m just trying to get that message across every time I step on the field here, because I’m not afraid to be the last one shooting jumpers in the gym.”



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