Office Prankster Erases Whiteboard Marked “Don’t Erase”

Pittsburgh, PA – Dimbo employees returning from lunch were shocked to find their conference whiteboard erased, despite a warning at the top clearly stating “DO NOT ERASE”.  Instead, the prankster merrily left a note that read “take a photo with your (expletive) phone next time”.  The whiteboard housed almost all of Dimbo’s documentation, including employee guidelines, product roadmap, and the office wifi password for guests.  Workers couldn’t remember a time when the whiteboard didn’t say “DO NOT ERASE”, instead choosing to cram additional notes wherever there was room.

“That giant board definitely had some projects on there that are no longer in the pipeline,” said Eric Shnatter, VP of engineering.  “About a quarter of it still listed the 2002 fantasy football draft picks.”

“I wish this prankster had at least left some of the notes from 2016 and later,” sighed Nellie Soto, mechanical engineer.  “We had some good notes on how to solve the Flint water crisis up there, but now we’ll never get Project Hydro off the ground.

“Also, there was a really good recipe for Korean short ribs on there that I was meaning to try.  I’m pretty sure the person that wrote it was fired three years ago; how am I going to get the recipe now?”

Permanent markers were placed in every conference room to ensure that this incident isn’t repeated.

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