Coworker Silently Judged For Not Having Latest iPhone

Santa Monica, CA – Coworkers shook their heads in disbelief after finding out that Mona Peterson, Pinterest Specialist at Megandu, still used an iPhone 7.

“What is her problem?” asked Devyn Whitlow, Megandu’s financial analyst.  “Is she an intern?  Does she live on food stamps?  Has she been in a coma for two years and no one told her that the world didn’t stop for her?”  Too frustrated to continue, Whitlow left work early to the nearest Apple Store to upgrade his Apple Watch, iPad, and Air Pods.

The QA team found their worst fears confirmed upon learning that Peterson wasn’t even using an iPhone 7 Plus.  “Oh great, the one with the small screen?” scoffed Wally Dowling, QA lead.  “I thought only children used that, not fully grown adults that never burned their eyes out from staring at the sun all day.  Can’t wait for her to report a screen rendering bug that none of us can replicate because we all use grown-up phones.”

Tensions escalated to an all-time high when Peterson told her boss she was “interested in one of those Android phones”.

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