New Plant Really Spruces Up the Office

Raleigh, NC – Lynda Jensen, social media coordinator for Centilla, raised eyebrows among coworkers when she brought a succulent into the office.  Coworkers were informed that it would “liven up the place” and “make it feel more like home.”

“She’s really shaking up the office,” Krista Lambert, Centilla’s VP of HR, commented.  “You hear about plants in places like Google, but to do it here?  I mean, what’s next?  Motivational posters?  A decorative rustic swingset in the lobby?  It’s really changed how we look at our workspace.”

Not all of Jensens’ coworkers seemed as enthused.  “Lance Cobb, Centilla’s graphic designer and Jensen’s cubicle neighbor, retorted:  “Lynda’s going on vacation for a week.  Who do you think gets stuck watering that thing?  Like I don’t have enough on my plate.”

Cobb currently plans on working late so that he can throw the plant out after Jensen goes home.

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