New Startup Toilyft Delivers Toilet Paper to You Directly in the Bathroom

Seattle, WA – As delivery service apps continue to grow in popularity, 28-year-old entrepreneur Dennis Reed saw an untapped area:  the bathroom.  Enter Toilyft, a promising new startup that delivers straight to the user while they’re still in the bathroom.

“The idea came to me one day when I ran out of toilet paper”, explained Reed.  “Usually I just yell at my brother to bring me some, but he was out of the house. I realized that I could make a product that could revolutionize everyone’s quality of life and peace of mind.

“Our mission statement is to bring our users their most important needs when they actually need it”, Reed said.  “Toilyft gives everyone the freedom to truly live life without worrying about what’s under the sink.  Sign up for Toilyft, swap out your front door locks with our Toilyft Master Key, and upload your home’s floorplan in the app.  After that, just fire up the app and select your ply count, and our Toilyfter will be in your bathroom in 5-30 minutes.”

The delivery window hasn’t sat well with initial users, and Reed says he understands and sympathizes fully.  “The company is already looking into bizdev partnerships with the largest hemorrhoid cream suppliers so that you never have to feel rushed in the bathroom again.”

Toilyft currently has 1/5 stars on the App Store.

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